Welcome to weee50's Website!

Welcome to my website!

Things I Made

(in approximate order of importance)

Ordinal Markup: Factor Shift Edition: A mod of Patcail's idle game called Ordinal Markup that removes Factor Boosts and adds more things to make up for it. (2020)

MineDay: Some modifications of Trdjn/Joshua's Minesweeper advent calendar that add some more stuff. (2019)

MineDay Season 2: Like MineDay, but programmed from scratch! (2020)

Hardy Hierarchy Calculator: Calculates numbers using the Hardy hierarchy using the full capabilities of Naruyoko's ExpantaNum.

Metaseconds: A new unit of time! Its length goes up by one metasecond every metasecond! (2020)

Unix Time Counter: A simple Unix time counter. Because all the existing offerings were either ad-filled or specifically made for the 1234567890 moment from over 10 years ago.

Prestige Button Generator: Randomly generates buttons for prestige layers in the style of Antimatter Dimensions. (2020)

TWOW Gap Beating BAGUETTE Gap: This was once a countdown timer I made that counts the length of the delay between BAGUETTE 6B and TWOW 0A and the delay between TWOW 23B and today, and compares them. However, now that TWOW 24A is actually here, this is kind of useless now. (2020)