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Week 18 - Conway's Game of Life





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Firstly, this will most likely be the last MineDay. I've just lost motivation to make them for now.

Also, I know this is just a rehash of the first ever custom level I made, even before MineDay, but I put it here for three reasons:
1. To make it accessible without having to download a .zip file
2. Because I finally got the four-color mode to work so it's not completely recycled content
3. Because it makes sense for the last ever custom Minesweeper I make to be a rehash of the first one I made.
Now time for a copy-pasted description from that first custom!

So anyway, this is Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automaton. In case you're unfamiliar with how it works, here are the rules:
The game is made up of a board of cells. Cells can be either dead (which is represented by an open square) or alive (which is represented by a closed square).
If a living cell has two or three neighbors, it will survive into the next generation. Otherwise, it will die.
If a dead cell has exactly three neighbors, it will become alive. Otherwise, it stays dead.

To start, simply left click to generate the board, then right click to simulate one generation.
If you want to start with an empty board, simply right click without left clicking first.
After the first left click, if you left click on a square, you can toggle whether it's dead or alive.

The button that says "No Autogen" will switch between generations not passing by automatically, slowly, and quickly.

If you click on the "One Color" button, the game will change so that dead cells can now be either red or blue.
When a dead cell becomes alive in this mode, its color will be determined by whatever color the majority of its three neighbors are.
Clicking the button again will cause the game to have four colors!
Like before, the majority color of neighbours determines what color the cell will be, but when the three parents are of all different colors, the child will be the other color.
Clicking the button a third time will revert the game back to being one color.