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Week 2 - Cursor





Death in:


First of all, I need to have the link to the original advent calendar.

So, today's mechanic will be a new entity: the Cursor.
Today, you will not be able to open or flag tiles normally (besides the first click).
Instead, you will need to use the Cursor to accomplish this. The Cursor has the same movement mechanics as the sheep, moving one tile in the direction where you clicked (including diagonals) and opening any tile it touches.

If you right-click anywhere, the Cursor will turn red. The red Cursor will instead flag every tile that it touches. If a tile is already flagged, it will instead unflag it.
Right click again to change the Cursor's color back to white.

These features mean the game still has all of its usual controls, it's just a different way to use them similar to day 14 of the real advent calendar.

Thanks to Joshua (the creator of the original advent calendar) for providing a fix for the invisible cursor bug.