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Week 3 - Number & Color





Death in:


By this point, you should probably be familiar with the color that every number has. In case you aren't, here's a table.

0: Pink (changed from brown to avoid confusion with 5)
1: Blue
2: Green
3: Red
4: Purple
5: Maroon
6: Cyan
7: Gray
8: Black

Why am I telling you this, you may ask? Well, today there are two new types of mines: the number mine and the color mine! Number mines only increase the number of the tiles around them, and color mines only increase the color.
So, for instance, if there are 2 number mines and 1 color mine around a tile, it will appear as a blue 2.
Flags for number mines appear as a pole without a flag, and flags for color mines appear as a flag without a pole.
Here is a picture of a half-completed field as an example.

Chording does not work today, due to the complications of making it work.
Also, a similar bug to last time can occur when you first launch the game. Just left click on an empty square a few times and it will go away.