There is 1 decrementy

H0 (10)=10

Game autosaves every ten seconds

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Your highest Ordinal was w [WIP]

You have Infinitied 100 times [WIP]

Your last Infinity was 1 second ago [WIP]

You have done 1 Factor Shift [WIP]

Your last Factor Shift was 1 second ago [WIP]

You have played for 3 days and 5 hours [WIP]

  1. Reach the number 20
  2. Perform an Infinity
  3. Perform a Factor Shift
  4. Get every booster upgrade on the first row
  5. Unlock Factor 8
  6. Get your ordinal to ω^ω^2
  7. Reach Base 6
  8. Get every booster upgrade
  9. Unlock the next layer
  10. Unlock the second Omega Factor
  11. Get your Ordinal Points above 1.8e308
You have 100 Ordinal Points

Tier 1 Automation

You have 0 successor autobuyers

You have 0 maximize autobuyers

  • Factor 1: x2
  • Factor 2: x2
  • Factor 3: x2
  • Factor 4: x2
  • Factor 5: x2
  • Factor 6: x2
  • Factor 7: x2
  • Factor 8: x2
  • Factor 9: x2
Your factors are multiplying your autoclickers by 1

You have no factors. Perform a Factor Shift to get one!

Factor Shift (0): Requires 200 OP

When you Factor Shift, you gain a new factor

Factor Boost (0): Requires g10 (10) OP

You are currently bulking in a set of 0

32d 15h 48m 9s

Your Dynamic Multiplier is x529.001

It is increasing by 0.002 per second

It is also decreasing by 10.000 per second

Dynamic Factors reset on Infinities

You have 1 Boosters

You may have to rotate your phone on mobile to see all of the upgrades. The right column of upgrades doesn't consume your boosters.

Tier 2 Automation

Your Max All Autobuyer is clicking the Max All button 1 times per second

Challenges can be completed up to 3 times, each one giving a bigger reward.

Your 0 challenge completions have multiplied Tier 1 and 2 by x

You're currently in Challenge 1.

You have 0 incrementy, multiplying Tier 2 by 1x

You are getting 0 incrementy per second, but they reset on Factor Boosts and similar

You start gaining Incrementy when you reach e0, but it caps at 1.000e25 Incrementy

You have 0 manifolds, translating to a 1x multiplier to Dynamic Factor output and cap

Welcome to this part of the game!

You have amassed so many Factors and Ordinal Points that they have all collapsed into a single Product.
You can spend these on upgrades, and you will gain more Products the more Ordinal Points you had when you Factor Collapsed.
However, you cannot spend these products willy-nilly. The upgrades are arranged in horizontal paths, and each upgrade path has 5 tiers.

You can only buy two out of three Tier 1 and Tier 2 upgrades from the first three paths, and only one Tier 3-5 upgrade.
The Meta Upgrades path does not count a path (i.e. you can get them independently of the path restrictions), and also do not consume products.
You have x Products

Factor Path
Omega Factor Path
Base Path
Meta Upgrades

You may have to rotate your phone on mobile to see all of the upgrades. The bottom row of upgrades doesn't consume your products.

You have 0 Ordinal Points

You have no Omega Factors. Purchase the relevant Product Upgrade to get one!

Your Omega Factors are multiplying all regular factors by 1

Omega Factors do not reset on Factor Shift

Your Factor Shift Autobuyer is automatically Factor Shifting 1 times per second