by weee50 | Original & Inspiration by Joshua

I have created a website for MineDay!
All future weeks of MineDay will appear on this website when they are released.
So choose a week to play it!
I will no longer be uploading .zip files to the VVVVVV discord or the Heptaveegesimal discord.
For reference, here's the titles of all weeks so far:

Week 1: Magnetic Mines
Week 2: Cursor
Week 3: Number and Color
Week 4: Two Parts and a Whole
Week 5: No Clusters
Week 6: Half Mines
Week 7: Double Mines??
Week 8: Two, Five, and Ten
Week 9: Doubler Mines
Week 10: Microsoft Texture Pack
Week 11: Twisted Torus
Week 12: Up To Six
Week 13: ...
Week 14: Red Mine, Blue Mine
Week 15: Hexagon Mode
Week 16: Double Large Hexagon
Week 17: L Shape
Week 18: Conway's Game of Life